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We Are 336, 336 Brixton Road, London, London SW9 7AA
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People First (Self Advocacy)

People First (Self Advocacy)

About Us

People First (Self Advocacy) is a national user-led self-advocacy organisation, for and run by people with learning difficulties. We have both individual members and member self-advocacy organisations. Our member organisations are stand-alone self-advocacy organisations. They have their own identities and campaign priorities.

We are the only national user-led organisation run and led by people with learning difficulties.

The Management Committee directs the organisation, all members have a learning difficulty and are supported in their roles. Our staff all have learning difficulties and are supported through Access to Work to break down the barriers they face as professionals.


We promote the user-led voice of people with learning difficulties as equal and valued citizens.
We do this by supporting people with learning difficulties and their user-led organisations to grow and have a voice both at a local and a national level.

We also support decision makers and services to understand the barriers we face at all levels of society and the support we need to break down these barriers. We do this through facilitating workshops, consultations and direct communications with self advocacy organisations.

We provide training, support and advocacy to individuals and groups.