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Independent Living Centre, Claymere Road, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear SR29TS
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Sunderland People First

Sunderland People First

About Us

We are a Community Interest Company based in the North East of England. Our business is about improving the lives of people with learning disabilities and autism. Our experience is based on over 20 years of working alongside the Health and Social Care Sector. Working closely with Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group and Sunderland City Council we have built up a highly regarded professional and award-winning reputation.

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Accessible Information

Meet your statutory duty and make sure that consultations and information are accessible to people with learning disabilities. We are experts in making information clear and easy to understand. We have experience of working with a range of partners to develop easy read information and a lot of our documents are used around the country and even the world. We also provide consultations and training around developing your own accessible information.
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We offer a range of training programmes which include Disability Awareness, Values, Hate & Mate crime and Personal Assistant training. We produce bespoke training packages to meet the needs of our customers. All our training courses have been designed and are delivered by people with learning disabilities.


We have experience of consulting with people on a large or small scale. We have developed links both locally and throughout the region allowing us to connect with people. Our consultations have helped shape local and regional policies.

Quality Checking

Quality checks provide an Expert by Experience view of how your service or organisation meets the needs of people with learning disabilities and autism. Our quality checkers team are unique in their experience and their range of checks with both health and social care providers.